Porcelain or composite veneers can help you achieve whiter, straighter teeth. Our veneers are tailored to suit the individual’s desires, to help achieve your perfect smile. We aim to make our veneers look and feel natural, this is done by taking accurate impressions of your dentition after the preparation stage is done (making small adjustments to the shape and size of the tooth.)

A veneer is a thin layer of either porcelain or composite material that is bonded over the front face of your tooth. Veneers can make your teeth appear straighter, whiter and brighter. Veneers can also be used to cover and change the shape of your natural teeth.

We aim to match the veneer shade perfectly to your surrounding teeth. This is done during your first appointment with us. To make sure that the shade of your veneer is perfect sometimes we may send the patient to the near by laboratory so that they can take a more detailed shade or second opinion, just to make sure that your smile is perfect.

The first stage of creating your perfect veneer is to reshape the natural tooth slightly. This involves removing a minimal amount of tooth for the front surface. Detailed impressions are then taken of the prepared tooth. These impressions are sent to a laboratory that prepare and make your veneer. This process will take about 2 weeks. At this appointment, we also fit a temporary veneer.

When we receive your work back from the laboratory we will then fit your veneer. Firstly, we check the fit of the veneer to make sure that it is perfect. We check the contact points either side of the veneer to make sure you can still floss and also check your bite to make sure it all fits in place and normal. If any minor adjustments need to be made, that can be done by the dentist chair side. We will then check that you are happy with the appearance of the veneer. Eg, shade, fit, shape and size. If the dentist and yourself are happy with the veneer, we will cement in its place permanently.