General Dentistry

At Browne’s dental surgery we are able to diagnose and treat many conditions effecting the teeth, gums and jaws.

Our aim is to prevent any such conditions from developing further, and any new ones from arising.

Providing regular routine examinations, x-rays and tooth cleaning will help us to achieve this.

If you should require any procedures in order to restore your mouth back to dental fitness, you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan outlining all treatments and costs involved, so there will be no surprises when it comes to paying.

Check ups

During your 20 minute check up the dentist will firstly check that you have no worries and concerns about any of your teeth or soft tissues. Then we will explore the oral cavity. Checking that soft tissue are all sound. Teeth and existing restorations will also be checked during this appointment. (If the dentist recommends any work to be done we will discuss this with you, we are always happy to answer any questions about your treatment plan). After all of the above has been check and is satisfactory we will then scale and polish your teeth if this treatment is needed.

Scaling is one of the most important processes for maintaining a healthy mouth. Scale is a hard deposit that accumulates naturally on the tooth surface and can be made worse if plaque is not removed by you daily. Scale is one of the main courses of poor oral health and if not removed can lead to gum disease.

Bone is the main support for your teeth, which lies under neither your gums. Bone doesn’t like inflammation, there for it reseeds away from areas that are inflamed by scale. If left this can result in teeth becoming loose and falling out due to the little support of bone surrounding your teeth.

During your scale and polishes, all of the porous scale that holds bacteria is removable using an ultrasonic scalar. After all the scale is removed then we polish your teeth which leave them feeling and looking smooth, clean and stainless.

We can remind you to book in with us. Either by sending you text message reminders to your mobile phone or we can send a letter to you via the post. Its completely up to you.