Crowns are prescribed for a number of reasons, these maybe aesthetic (changing the shade, shape or position of a tooth) or functional (where a tooth requires the additional strength of a ‘hard-hat’ to protect against future breakage or restoring when there is too little natural tooth left to fill).

Our crowns are made to your individual specification. We aim to make our crowns look and feel natural, by taking accurate impressions of your dentition using a silicone material. We also take a perfect shade match so that the bespoke crown blends in with your smile.

We offer a variety of different types of crowns according to your clinical situation to give you the best of aesthetics and function.

The Preparation

The first stage of achieving your perfect crown is called the ‘preparation stage’ this appointment will normally last around 40 minutes and during this appointment we smooth and shape the tooth to be crowned tooth to the required shape.

Detailed impressions will then need to be taken of the prepared and surrounding teeth. Using a temporary material a high quality short term crown is then made and fitted into place with a strong temporary material to prevent any sensitivity and hide the shaped tooth.

A shade is then taken of your surrounding teeth so that the crown can be made to match and compliment your smile.

The detailed impressions that will have been taken are then sent to a selected laboratory that make your perfect crown as required.

The Fit

This is the final stage of the procedure. At the end of this appointment your crown will be fitted permanently.

Firstly the temporary crown is removed from the prepared tooth and the crown is placed on. Appearance, bite and contact points are then checked by the dentist, any minor adjustments will be done as required. If all is satisfactory the crown will be cemented into place using a permanent material.

This process from preparation stage to fit stage will usually take about 2 weeks.