Children’s Price List

Treatment Private Fee BDS Plan Price
 Examination £20.00 FREE
 Scale and Polish £15.00 FREE
 Radiographs £5.00 FREE
 Deciduous (baby) tooth filling from   £25.00 from   £20.00
 Adult tooth filling from   £50.00 from   £40.00
 Extractions from   £48.00 from   £38.40
 Surgical extractions from   £95.00 from   £76.00

(Prices may be subject to change)

Please note that there is no charge for examinations on children under 5.

At Browne’s we aim to provide affordable private dental care for your children, and offer you a choice of payment methods that suit your needs.  You can choose from very competitive private fees and ‘pay as you go’, or alternatively we have our BDS Children’s Plan. The BDS Plan is a convenient, affordable plan that enables you to spread the cost of your child’s essential dental care whilst enjoying quality dental treatment and greater freedom of choice.

Introducing the BDS plan for children

Our special plan for children

Our BDS Children’s Plans have been designed to provide the foundation for strong, healthy, adult teeth and gums. In addition to routine examinations each year and all necessary x-rays, children also receive special dietary advice and oral hygiene visits, as well as 20% off other treatments within Browne’s Dental Surgery, including sports mouth-guards. (Browne’s Dental Surgery does not specialise in orthodontics, and in such cases would refer your child to either a private or NHS orthodontic specialist and work alongside them.)

For children aged 5 – 12 just £3.50 per month

For children aged 13 – 18 just £4.50 per month